From the Pastor's Desk: Meaningful Connections

Summer is here – ready or not! June is going to be a full month. Youth camp, VBS and our mission trip to the Dominican Republic all happen in June. I challenge each of us to be part of what happens this month. Commit to pray for our students that will be heading to Marshall, Texas for a week of transformation. Pray that they will set aside distractions and focus on drawing closer to Jesus. The experience of camp is often used by Holy Spirit to be a life-changing week in the life of young people.  Pray that will be the case for our students.

Vacation Bible School also happens in June! This is one of the most significant outreach efforts our church has throughout the year.We typically have 200 – 300 kids in our building during the week – many who may not make it through the doors of a church at any other time. We as believers are commanded to make disciples as we are going. During the week of VBS, we don’t have to go anywhere – the opportunity comes to us!! We need all hands on deck for this glorious week of loving on kids and showing them what it means to follow Jesus.

Commit to pray of course, but this is one of those opportunities that we need you to do more than pray. Sign up to volunteer. A few hours per day for 5 days can have an eternal impact in the lives of the kids that attend – and it will do your soul good as well.

At the end of June, we will be taking a group of 12 people to the Dominican Republic to do VBS, Bible studies, sewing, and construction. 2019 was our last trip and so we are looking forward to being back with our brothers and sisters there. Commit to pray for our team. Pray for safety. And pray that each team member will be sensitive to God’s leadership during that week. Mission trips are about being flexible and ready to be used by God in any way He chooses to use us.

There are so many ways to be part of what God is doing in and through our family. Find ways to plug in living lives of praise and worship to Jesus!

Be a blessing!

This letter from Dr. Brian Hill first appeared in the June 2023 Shoreliner.