From the Pastor's Desk: Honoring Our Church's Heritage While Looking Forward

In just under six years, our church will celebrate 150 years of life-changing presence in Corpus Christi. The rich heritage of our church is known well, not only in Corpus Christi but across our state.

A thoughtful stroll through the foyer of our chapel tells a story of this heritage as well, beginning from the early days when J.M. Carroll was one of our first pastors. He came from a strong family of Baptist leaders in our state. His brother, B.H. Carroll was instrumental in the early years of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and, in fact, has a seminary named in his honor today here in Texas. The impact of our church has been immeasurable throughout our long history.

Through the years of our wonderful past, our church family has been influential in our city and state, being a beacon of faith to all who would look for guidance in living the life Jesus created them to live. We truly have a meaningful heritage. We must never forget the long-standing ministry our church has had and all those who sacrificed to make it so. We stand on their shoulders today.

While we realize this heritage and the impact our church has had all these years, we cannot live in the past. God calls us ever forward to be His church for the world in which we live. We must continue to be the beacon in our community and world that shares Jesus and gives guidance and direction for those who would seek to grow in relationship with Him.

I firmly believe that God’s dream for our church is to be the place in our community that people know they can come and be part of a thriving family of believers - a family that loves Jesus and is growing in faith together.

There are so many wonderful churches in our area, but God has called us to be a multi-generational family where people know they can find a home where they will grow deeper in faith and relationship with Jesus and each other.

May we live into this dream. May we start today!

Dr. Brian Hill

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