Meet Our Missions: Casa Hogar de Ninos (Mexico)

Casa Hogar is an orphanage managed by Pastor Luna from Primera Iglesia Bautista in Rio Grande, Texas. They take in children who are abandoned or when their parents have died or are incarcerated without other family to take them in.

We have provided all their needed school supplies for several years. During COVID when they weren't able to attend school, we provided laptops for each school-aged child to be able to continue virtual learning. Beyond school supplies, we also provide Christmas gifts each December so that each child is blessed during the holiday season.

A small team travels to Casa Hogar to share the supplies and gifts. Many who have gone to meet the children and the workers can share how profound the experience has been to them.
The trips to the orphanage are not possible without the support of each member who provided supplies and gifts each August and December.

To get involved, contact Alta Garcia.

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