First Corpus Media Library

Room 231, next to the church office

9:45 – 10:15am
10:45 – 11:15am
Second Sunday of each month: 5 – 7pm
(Book Club 5:30-7pm)
9am - 4pm
The goal of the Media Library is to provide resources to enlighten, encourage, guide, stimulate, and assist church members as they seek to strengthen their personal relationship with the Lord.

We currently have over 14,000 items available, including a variety of fiction and nonfiction for children and adults, biblical commentaries, family movies, and group study kits. Children can enjoy a book with their parents in our cozy reading area, and we have tables and a computer to aid biblical study. 
Checkout Limits
  • 15 items for staff & FBC member families
  • 10 items for FBS parents
  • 5 items for eligible public accounts
See librarian for details.
Default borrowing window is 2 weeks.

Monthly Book Club

Meets the 2nd Sunday of the month 5:30-7pm.
Next book club meeting to discuss When Night Comes will be Sunday, Feb 13th at 5:30pm in the Library (second floor, room 231).

In Dan Walsh’s When Night Comes, the first novel in his Jack Turner Suspense Series, the protagonist Jack Turner, a military history authority, returns to Culpepper, his college alma mater, to give a series of lectures for his old history professor.

Within days, he starts having bizarre experiences at night. It is as if he's traveling back in time, experiencing the epic events in his lectures firsthand. He has no control over these experiences and can't make them stop. Is there a connection between the dreams and the recent deaths of two college students?

Rachel Cook, a teaching assistant at Culpepper, can't believe Jack is back in her life again. She's had a crush on him since she was fourteen, but Jack never knew. Follow Jack as he and Rachel search to find the answer to the troubling dreams and the connection to the deaths of the students.

Questions? Email the Library Director