From the Pastor's Desk: Small Moments Define Your Life In Christ

Through the month of January, we focused on making each moment count. We will continue to focus on moments – moments in God’s word, moments in prayer, moments in community and discipleship, moments in giving, and moments inviting.

It is so important to understand the deep simplicity of following Jesus.

While grand gestures are sometimes warranted, the real growth in becoming more like Jesus – more like the person you were created to be – comes most profoundly in the small, consistent moments with Jesus.

It is paramount that we become more intentional in making the most of each and every moment.

Through the month of February, we will work, verse by verse, through the second chapter of Ephesians. The title of the sermon series is Life In Christ.

I encourage you to be part of this important series as we look deeper into what a life lived in Christ looks like in this day and time.

My prayer is for this series to give us a vivid picture of how our moments link together to form a life lived with and in Jesus. He really does make all things new. Live into that newness as you make the most of the moments of life.

Dr. Brian Hill
This letter from Dr. Brian Hill first appeared in the February 2023 Shoreliner. 

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