Faith Resources

Before we can make Christ the center of the home, you must first make Christ the center of your heart. To accomplish this, the first step is to invite Christ into your heart. If you have questions on how to do this please contact the church office (361) 888-8228.  
The second step is to make Christ the center of your life. This includes worshiping him outside of the church walls during the work week, serving along your brothers and sisters in the faith and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Growth Resources

While this assessment and resource booklets are not an exhaustive list of Spiritual Gifts, they are areas our team has identified as key areas to make Christ the center of the home. We expect all of our members to be familiar with these areas and to make them a priority in your Godly Lifestyle.

Spiritual Assessment Survey

To help you see what areas Christ is the Center and what areas you need to work on we developed a Spiritual Assessment Survey. This .pdf download is meant for you to answer on your own and then reach out to a Mentor to help guide you to your next step. 

Spiritual Resource Booklet

To help you continue your journey, we have also created this booklet filled with resources to help you sharpen some areas, and grow in others! 

First @ Home

Here at First Baptist we truly believes the child’s home is the primary place for faith development.  First @ Home will provide resources for life stage questions people face; for example, getting married, blended families, starting a family or single life.  We want to come alongside families and help them on this faith journey.  Come visit our First @ Home Center! 

Kids (1st-5th Grade)

View helpful downloads of different discussions you can have with your children as they grow and mature in their faith.
We want you to be equipped to be their Spiritual Leader and for Spiritual discussions to be a normal part of your conversation. 

Teens (6th-12th Grade)

Our Family Ministry and Student Ministry Teams are here to help you as the parent win at raising a Godly Teenager. The resources to the right can help you not be a perfect parent, but the parent God has called you to be. 


Whether you’ve been married for a day or a lifetime, we want to equip you and your marriage to be successful. Use the links to the right to download .pdfs for you and your spouse. 

Seasons & Holidays

Regardless of what time of the year it is, or how you choose to celebrate the Holidays, we want you to be equipped to have Faith Discussions with your family. The links below can be a help  to have those discussions. 

Need support? 

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